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  New England CM uses Mydata MY9 automatic pick and place equipment. The MY9 has exceptional changeover versatility as well as the capability of placing a range of components from fine-pitch, BGAs, flip chips to 0201s at a rate of 14,000 cph. Screen printing is performed using an EKRA X1 semi-automatic screen printer capable of screening flexible and rigid materials with a thickness up to 25.4 mm. Paste height, registration, and other printing parameters are tested using the CyberOptics LSM2 paste measuring system. Solder reflow is provided by a Conceptronic HVA-102 7-zone reflow oven. The HVA-102 is well suited for reflow temperatures required for RoHS compliant components and PCBs. Thru-hole components are added by our staff of highly qualified solderers.